Janie Crane Agent/Office Manager

Janie Crane is the gatekeeper for CPR Partners, LLC. She is on the front line of the business. Janie takes her role very seriously and this comes through when clients call and need assistance, support, information or any- thing else. Janie is there to assist!

In today’s world, so much of our business communication is handled electronically. But, remember, CPR Partners are the experts in personalized service! Janie is the starting point for fulfilling that experience.

Why is she so effective? Prior to joining CPR Partners, she worked in the restaurant and medical industry while continuing her education. That experience was a building block for her people skills. We all have had good and bad dining experiences. We promise you that Janie will make sure your realty experience is handled professionally. From start to finish.

Janie Crane joined the CPR Partner’s Team in 2015. After trying her hand in the medical profession, she de- cided that her first love was Real Estate. We think it’s the Crane gene working!

Janie serves a dual role at CPR Partners as Office Manager and Agent. In an effort to learn the business and enhance her skill set in the business arena, she chose to start as the Office Manager. She then attained her Real Estate License. This has proven to be extremely helpful in the care and management of clients.

Janie was born and raised in Georgia. She has a strong desire to serve. Much like a lion’s heart, she is strong and generous. She is a devoted mother to her beautiful son. Family plays a very strong role in her life.

Of course, if you didn’t catch the last name, Janie is the daughter of Tom Crane, Associate Broker & Co-Owner of CPR Partners LLC. With that DNA how could she be anything other than a Real Estate Agent!

Stop by, come in and visit! CPR Partner’s looks forward to working with you.