About Thomas Crane Realty Co.

Owner Thomas “Tom” Crane began his career in real estate in 1971 as an agent for Crane Properties, where he then moved to Atlanta, GA in 1976 to mature, gain knowledge, and to work among the smartest, most professional, and elite developers and tenants. Working with developers such as Scott Hudgens on Scott’s many mall developments as a sales and leasing agent. After Tom learned the market with Hudgens, in 1977 he made a lateral move to work with J.H. Ewing as a commercial leasing and sales agent until 1984. From there, with his experience under Hudgens and J.H. Ewing, Tom knew it was time to begin his own endeavors. In 1984, Thomas Crane Realty Co., LLC was established where Tom worked exclusively for his own brokerage accounts and had partnerships with developers and tenants, where Domino’s Pizza was one of his first partners in the development of properties and leasing of shops. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Thomas Crane Realty Company took on a number of exclusive development & leasing relationships with shopping center developers across both the state and southeast. During this time, Tom associated with Sofran Development Company, Alliance Properties, Akin, Flanders, & Crane Development Company, Charter Properties, New Market Management, Ben Carter Properties, and Zimmer Properties. After tremendous growth in business relationships and associated endeavors, Tom

By intention, TCRC has remained small, however, it has positioned itself to be among the most knowledgeable and professional commercial realty companies in the area.

In our career, we have had the luxury of representing both sides of the leasing process—landlords and tenants. We have represented landlords regionally, and recently we have gotten so busy that we have had to cut back our territory so as to focus mostly on Athens, GA and Atlanta, GA. Reference some of the tenants he has consummated deals with over the years with local, regional, and national tenants. Customers originate from various locations, such as Athens, Atlanta, Gwinnett, Gainesville, Macon, Augusta, Milledgeville, Hartwell, Rome, and more. We always see to it that our company remains versatile to meet the needs of our clients and we will always guarantee to give our clients the best job possible.

With 45+ years’ experience in the industry, Tom realized he could keep his business’s expert services going within the family with his son, Thomas “Ross” Crane, working as an agent. Tom plans to be semi-retired after 2020, where Ross will then obtain his broker’s license and lead the company in its future endeavors.

Ross has been around the business from a young age. First working for his dad as an assistant, Ross began to understand the sales and leasing cycles of the commercial real estate industry beginning in 2011. After two years assisting Tom, Ross became a licensed agent for TCRC and has been leasing and selling properties since 2013.

If not for our loyal clients, thriving in the commercial real estate industry for more than four decades would not be possible. Tom’s philosophy: The two most important fundamentals of business are relationships and knowledge.