Preferred Return Investments in Watkinsville: Crucial Things To Recognize

Thomas Crane Realty Company (TCRC) started its real estate property business more than forty-eight years ago. In the present day, Our company is recognized for its tailored services & know-how. Tom’s school of thought: A couple of the most significant fundamentals of commerce are interactions & information. Our company is an expert in the leasing and sale of commercial properties - finalizing & putting together of business deals to meet our company's customers’ expectations, including finalizing rents that permit land lords and tenants an opportunity to grow and flourish. Our company attributes its continued success to doing an array of agreements with the exact same customers, both landlords & tenants. It has always been our desire to develop long term partnerships with our clients. Situated in Athens, Georgia, our clients incorporates local businesses in close proximity to Athens, although we work with clients state wide, from the Brunswick, Savannah coastal area, Valdosta to Rome, Columbus to Macon and Augusta, Canton to Cumming and Gainesville, Greater- & Metro-Atlanta, LaGrange & Carrollton to Newnan & McDonough to Madison, Douglasville, Elberton, & Hartwell. Our company's vast knowledge of the marketplace allows us to give specialised advice of both land lords & tenants guaranteeing our company's clients’ 100 % satisfaction.

Our Company's Values, Our Company's Tale

Proprietor Thomas “Tom” Crane started his life in real estate property in 1971 as an agent for Crane Properties, he then moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 to be able to develop fully, gain information, and to work with the brightest, most competent, and top level property developers & tenants. Working together with investor-developers similar to Scott Hudgens on Scott’s many mall construction projects as a sales and leasing agent. Subsequently after Tom mastered the marketplace with Hudgens, in 1977 he decided on a sideways move to be able to work with J.H. Ewing to be a business renting and sales agent right until 1984. After that, with his practical experience under Hudgens and J.H. Ewing, Tom believed the time had come to begin his own projects. In 1984, Thomas Crane Realty Co., LLC was established where Tom performed entirely in his own brokerage accounts and had unions together with property developers & tenants, where Domino’s Pizza became just one of his 1st partners on the growth and development of buildings & leasing of shops. Through the late 1980s & early 1990s, Thomas Crane Realty Company procured a range of outstanding development & renting friendships with shopping center property developers all over both the state and southeast. During this time period, Tom connected to Sofran Development Company, Alliance Properties, Akin, Flanders, & Crane Development Company, Charter Properties, New Market Management, Ben Carter Properties, and Zimmer Properties. As a conscious decision, our company has stayed compact, even so, it has placed itself to become among the most competent & expert commercial real estate companies in the region.

Our company also have had the honor of working with both sides of the renting procedure, property managers and tenants. We have represented land lords in the area, and just recently we have become so busy that our company have decided to cut back our company's area to be able to concentrate on Athens, Georgia and Atlanta, GA. Reference a number of the tenants he's consummated deals together with in recent times with nearby, regional, & country wide renters. Clientele originate from numerous spots, that include Athens, Atlanta, Gwinnett, Gainesville, Macon, Augusta, Milledgeville, Hartwell, Rome, & more. Our company at all times see to it that our business stays versatile to satisfy the needs of our company's customers & our company will guarantee to offer our company's customers the best results achievable.

With 45 years’ experience in the industry, Tom realized he could keep his business’s expert services going within the family with his son, Thomas “Ross” Crane, working as a real estate agent. Tom plans to be semi-retired after 2020, where Ross will then obtain his broker’s license & lead the company in its future endeavors.

Ross has been around the company from a young age. First working for his dad as an assistant, Ross began to understand the sales and leasing cycles of the commercial real-estate industry beginning in 2011. After two years assisting Tom, Ross became a licensed agent for Our company and has been leasing and selling buildings since 2013.

If not for our loyal customers, thriving in the commercial property industry for more than four decades would not be possible. Tom’s beliefs: The two most important principles of firm are relationships & expertise.

Why Us?

When Tom started out as a realtor, he quickly came to understand the renting and selling processes, but he also saw the need for unique, professional services in smaller, local communities. Tom realized that a large number of property owners are in the industry as investors with limited being familiar with of the industry. He wanted to help those investors capitalize on their investments through his know-how of the marketplace. For a property owner to be successful on his or her own, the proprietor would have to come to understand & execute significant documents like LOIs, Site Plans, Leasing Agreements, Commission Agreements, & much, much more. Tom ensures that our company work with both engineers & city planners to make sure that new sites work well in every way assuring great visibility, accessibility, and thought out traffic flow. The leasing, selling, and purchasing process has numerous intricate aspects, Thomas Crane Realty Company is devoted to comprehending its clients’ expectations & simplifying the steps to make the best agreements.

Areas We Services

We are quality providers of customised, expert services in business real estate property. Our company proudly serve property owners in a number of surrounding locations for:

Athens, North Athens, East Athens, West Athens, Winder, Oconee, Watkinsville, Atlanta, Gwinnett, Gainesville, Monroe, Madison, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Loganville, Cornella, Roswell, Oakwood, Augusta, Statesboro, Lagrange, Conyers, Covington, Macon, Augusta, Jefferson, Milledgeville, Elberton, Hartwell, Rome, Commerce

Services Our company Offer

  • - Seller Advice
  • - Buyer Counsel
  • - Tenant Counsel
  • - Commercial Property Sales
  • - Commercial Property Purchases
  • - Pre-Lease Planning
  • - Development Planning
  • - Project Proformas
  • - Business Site Selection
  • - Site Planning
  • - General Consulting
  • - Landlord Representation

Landlord Counsel

In the Athens and surrounding areas we are among the major purchasing, sales & renting company.

Our company have proudly leased premises over the years for Publix, Kroger, Target, Walmart and many other big box stores such as Little Caesars, Your Pie, Moe's Southwest Grill, Dominoes and many many more.

Thomas Crane Realty Co, as a representative of the landlord, can be your sole broker for all your industrial real estate property needs.

The following are a list of some of the services that we offer to landlords:

  • - Lease Creating
  • - Identifying and Qualifying Prospects
  • - Designing and Drawing Letters of Intent (LOIs)
  • - Post-Lease Coordinating
  • - Ongoing Consulting & Advising
  • - Property Purchasing - help our company's clients buy when it is time
  • - Property Sales - help our customers sell when it is time
  • - Lease Renewal Creating

We can efficiently & quickly promote your property to well-qualified renters who are a good fit for your long-term vision as opposed to just possible prospects. Our company do this by using our company's intimate expertise of the local market.

Our company seek to ensure a quality tenant mix & creatively & relentlessly leveraged our company's relationships in order to reach out to prospective tenants and connect our company's clients with the most highly qualified tenants.

In order to reduce downtime between tenants and build a strong foundation for tenant retention our company use our company's specialised lease creating tactics.

Our company is able to form an in-depth comprehending of both the tenant's enterprise & our clients property. Using our company's past experience of representing both renters & land lords we understand that both the landlord's goals and the tenant's business requirements will both directly impact the lease. Our company focus on securing good ongoing returns on investment for the landlord property whilst keeping the land lords core principles and goals at the forefront of our negotiation strategies.

Support Of The Tenant

Our company help business owners assess their needs, negotiate lease terms, assist with budget development & ensure a smooth & easy tenancy process. Putting our know-how to work we make sure that our company's customers are in locations that best serve their market wants.

Whether this is your first venture or you are a seasoned tenant our company can deliver established connections, local being familiar with and decades of experience of working across the state.

Services our company offer to renters include, but are not limited to:

  • - Ongoing Consulting & Advising
  • - Lease Renewal Finalising
  • - Site Selecting & Analysis
  • - Space Planning
  • - Letter of Intent Creation
  • - Lease Creating

When renting commercial real estate property, establishing the company & renting framework is essential. There is an extensive range of business real estate on the industry and understanding where your firm fits best within the industry is one of our specialties. Another factor in commercial property leasing is being familiar with property zoning, or specific uses. Some types of industrial real estate zoning are leisure, retail or restaurant, office, and industrial. We guide you to the best location for your firm to thrive.

Another critical factor making up the total cost of your lease is accessibility. Accessibility is one of the concepts that drive a business-the more traffic, the better chances of firm results. We work to tailor your business needs to the locations available in the marketplace.

Further, dependent on your enterprise model, there are specific requirements for per-person or per-customer square footage. For example, restaurants & retail locations typically require 15 square feet per customer, where an office might require between 100 & 150 square feet of usable workspace per employee.

After recognizing the above factors, our company's team aids in finalizing your budget by finding a location meeting your company & budgeting needs. A monthly commercial lease payment typically has two components, the base rent & taxes, insurance, & common area maintenance (TICAM) charges. You may also want to do a buildout for the space, which can be negotiated with the landlord-this is yet another area where our company's representative practical expertise comes to play.

Sales and Purchase of Property

Our company offer customised and expert service that produces outstanding results for investors looking to sell or purchase portfolios or individual properties.

Thomas Crane Realty have decades of experience in all aspects of commercial property ownership and asset management and as a result specialise in assisting property owners with their investment decisions.

In order to build up winning custom solutions for our customers, all our company's agents & brokers have a deep recognizing of the local markets, commercial property types & other key factors.

Whether buying renting or selling, we take pride in guiding our company's customers through the process.

Any time you're looking for help with preferred return investments in the Roswell area then Thomas Crane Realty Company really should be your 1st port of call.